AMON has a flyer!

Have a look at the AMON Flyer!

The document will support the Consortium in disseminating the project results during conferences, events and fairs. The flyer informs the different stakeholders and the general public about the project main objectives that needs to be achieved, the technology to be developed, and the possible applications where AMON can be used!

The document is based on the project visual identity which plays a significant role in the promotion of EU projects’ results in a strategic and effective manner as it makes AMON immediately distinguishable. It increases the public visibility of the project and subsequently facilitates the overall project goal to boost Europe’s Innovation ecosystem.

Visual Identity presents the project to internal and external stakeholders, and tells a story through the visual communications, it captures and expresses the values and ambitions of the project, the core activities, and its characteristics. 

The branding of AMON represents the pillar of the project’s dissemination, communication and exploitation activities.

We published the flyer among the D&C Materials section, in the 
Results pageHave a look at the flyer here!